origma solitaria – observations of the rockwarbler

origma solitaria is the binomial name given to a small, unusual and fascinating bird endemic to the sydney sandstone country.

Over the past 15 years I’ve been learning about origmas through direct experience and observation of them in their natural habitat. I’ve become a student of the Way of origma…

Back in 2001, jeff doring and I were fortunate to be able to see a pair of parent birds coax their fledgling chicks away from the family nest, for the first time. Last night, I finally put together an edit of the video we shot that october morning…

origma solitaria – observations of the rockwarbler from Gary Warner on Vimeo.

This one will be of interest to people with an interest in bird watching, avian relationships and interaction. The origma is little studied, and infrequently encountered. This video provides a record of seldom observed interactions and behaviour.

The fledgling chicks are at an incredibly vulnerable stage in their lives. Up until a couple of hours before this footage was captured, they had known nothing but the dark, down-lined interior of their hanging fibre nest. Now, barely able to flutter, they’re out on the sandstone outcrops, being led ever further from the nest by their parents who tirelessly hunt, capture and deliver insects to them.

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