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elemental analogues

provisional urban s...
By Gary Warner

sand stone streams

04/05 june 2010 – the rain kept falling all day friday and I hopped a bus out to bondi to have tea and conversation with dharma buddy rob – but, for the first time in weeks, saturday morning was clear sky and wintry cool – so made a dash up to origma sanctuary . . . → Read More: sand stone streams

17th biennale of sydney at cockatoo island

saturday, 29 may 2010 – it’s been raining for the past couple of weeks here in sydney, so on a decidedly bleak overcast morning, decided to take the ferry out to cockatoo island in the harbour to have a wander around the temporary colony of contemporary art projects…

the island is an . . . → Read More: 17th biennale of sydney at cockatoo island

weekend stonemason

22 may 2010 – up at katoomba again, this time working flat surfaces into our sandstone footings. The steel frame of the hut will be fixed to these planes, elevating the entire structure about 500mm from the ground…

I used a small hand-held grinder to cut slots in the . . . → Read More: weekend stonemason

midnight thunderbox

16 may 2010 – phil and I spent a couple of days constructing the ‘rota-loo’ composting toilet building, set in the forest about 50 metres away from the hut site…

we set and levelled four sandstone footings to elevate the steel frame from the forest floor…

then spent a lot of . . . → Read More: midnight thunderbox

the panelbox hut

I’ve commenced work on the construction of the panelbox hut – a small studio retreat for the bush property, built from sandstone, steel, glass and different types of plywood… it’s a very simple building, but one with a strong sense of presence on its site, and, hopefully, a peaceful, secure and functional space . . . → Read More: the panelbox hut